My work as a physician has given me special insight into the physical and emotional suffering many people experience. It is my goal to help alleviate that suffering. flowerWestern medicine and complementary medicine can be very helpful. But they aren’t enough for many people. The most effective healing comes when you can go into yourself and address deeper issues than cannot be seen on the surface.

If you want to heal yourself, open your mind to the concept that everything thing in your life is connected. Your physical body is connected to your mind, your emotions and your spirit. All parts of you need to be healthy in order for the whole of you to be healthy.

As you work on your healing, a helpful concept to be aware of is energy flow. Energy can’t be measured by scientists at this time. But just because it can’t be seen doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Focus on bringing your energy flow into balance and you will find a shift in both your physical and emotional health.

The most important way to bring your energy flow into balance is to learn how to feel your emotions in a healthy way. The healthy emotions are anger, sadness, joy and fear. Our culture makes people think certain emotions are unhealthy or dangerous. But this isn’t true. If you feel them in a responsible way, and don’t hurt yourself or other people while feeling them, their healing power is awe-inspiring.

Other issues need to be dealt with in order to bring your energy flow into healthy balance. You must calm the unhealthy tribal messages culture teaches you that keep you from living the life that is most healthy for you.  If you’ve always been told that you have to do things the way everyone else does them, even if that way hurts you, you need to learn how to break free and listen to healthier, regenerative messages.  You must learn how to recognize and heal shame, addictions and unhealthy dramas that keep you trapped in a sense of victimization.

You will find that as you do the work on your emotions and other aspects of your life, you will start to hear your intuition more clearly. Your intuition will help guide you as you make the changes that will heal your life.